25 September 1861: “Many of us have been in service as long as four months, and neither officers or men of this regiment have received one cent of pay.”

Item description: Letter to Dennis Heartt, editor of the Hillsborough Recorder, from a soldier in the Sixth Regiment of North Carolina State Troops. In the letter, which was written on 10 September 1861 from Camp Jones, near Bristoe Station, Virginia, and printed in Heartt’s newspaper on 25 September 1861, the writer complains that the soldiers of the Sixth Regiment have not received their pay, and that their families are suffering as a result. The correspondent even states that the “Committees appointed to relieve soldiers’ families do not do their duty.” There is also a response from Heartt included at the end of the letter.

Item citation: Letter from “Flat River” to Dennis Heartt, 10 September 1861. Hillsborough Recorder,” 25 September 1861. Hillsborough, N.C.: Dennis Hartt. C071 H65. North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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