7 November 1861: “our Ships passed back & forth each time dealing death to the Enemy.”

Item Description: Entry, 7 November 1861, of the log book for the U.S. Steamer Augusta, kept by Eugene Whittemore, a surgeon’s assistant on the ship. The log book includes a daily record of naval operations, activities of the ship’s men, and the weather, while the Augusta was on blockade duty off the South Carolina and Georgia coasts. This entry notes the steamer’s actions during the Battle of Port Royal, S.C.

Item citation: From the Eugene Whittemore Papers, #2958-z, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

~In Port Royal Harbor, SC~

…..from our Ship the Enemys Batteries could be very plainly seen     the Flag Ship made Signals which we answered and soon the whole Fleet took their stations in line the Flag Ship taking the lead.    the 1st Ball was fired from our Fleet at 7 minutes of 10 and each Ship as we passed the Batteries pound into the Enemy, There were 2 Batteries on both sides we had to contend with   our Ships passed back & forth each time dealing death to the Enemy.   About ½ past 2 in the afternoon the Enemy struck their colors & firing ceased    our Commodore then Signaled to the Fleet to cease firing and a Boat was sent to the deserted Battery.  There were some 22 large guns & the destruction was complete    on our sailors landing the Star spangled Flag  was touched to each gun & at 3 P.M. it was waving triumphantly over the House where the Secession Flag formerly had been.  Soon after at a signal from the Flag Ship we went along side and the Commodore asked our Capt if he would not go further up the River ? on the & anchor., which we did.  About 2 Bells evening, all hands slept over night on their arms to prevent a surprise.  All passed quietly during the night.


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