5 April 1862: “The rebel steamer ‘Nashville’ running the blockade at Beaufort, North Carolina.”

Item:  “The rebel steamer ‘Nashville’ running the blockade at Beaufort, North Carolina.” Harper’s Weekly, April 5, 1862, p. 209.

Citation: “The rebel steamer ‘Nashville’ running the blockade at Beaufort, North Carolina.”  Harper’s Weekly, April 5, 1862, page 209 (illustration).  From folder P0001/0198 in Flat Box 1, North Carolina County Photographic Collection (P0001), North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Accompanying article:

(page 210, column 1)


We devote the preceding page to an illustration
of the escape of the rebel steamer Nashville, at
Beaufort, North Carolina.

Immediately upon the capture of Newbern Gen-
eral Burnside started an expedition to Beaufort.
The expedition left Newbern on Thursday, 20th,
in steamers, and went partially down the river,
and on landing struck the railroad, and took up
the march for Beaufort, with hand-cars from New-
bern loaded with ammunition and baggage. A few
days before the gun-boat Stars and Stripes went
outside and assisted the blockade, lest the Nashville
might try to escape to sea when the troops come

Upon the arrival of the expedition the first re-
port stated that they found the city evacuated by
the rebels, Fort Macon blown up by the retreating
enemy, and the rebel steamer Nashville burning to
prevent her falling into our hands. Later accounts,
direct from the blockading squadron, however, say
that the Nashville ran the blockade successfully.

General Burnside then sent a force with several
gun-boats to Washington. No opposition was
made to landing. Our troops occupied the town,
and the Union flag is flying on the Court-house.

Our pickets extend about eight miles from New-
bern toward Goldsborough. The inhabitants of
Newbern are gradually returning to the town and
taking the oath of allegiance.

We subjoin a Chart of the Harbor of Beaufort,
North Carolina. [Not included with this blog post.]

Citation: In folder P001/0198,

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