21 April 1862: “…whatever of blame and responsibility is justly attributable to any one for the defeat of our troops at Roanoke Island, on the 8th of February, 1862, should attach to Major General B. Huger and the late Secretary of War, J. P. Benjamin.”

Item description: This report, which was created at the behest of the Confederate Congress, examines “The Roanoke Island Defeat.” It attributes responsibility for the defeat to Major General Benjamin Huger and Secretary of War Judah P. Benjamin. North Carolina’s Confederate senators forwarded it to the state’s convention after that body passed a resolution instructing them to do so.

Item citation:The Roanoke Island Defeat.Documents of the Convention of 1861. Vol. 2, No. 21. [Raleigh, N.C.] : John W. Syme, printer to the Convention, [1862]. VC342.2 1861d V. 2, from the North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, UNC Chapel Hill.

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