25 April 1862: “tell him to write often for I really think three letters a year is but few he has ten times the chance to write I have”

Item description: Letter, dated 25 April 1862, from Robert W. Parker (2nd Virginia Cavalry of the Confederate States of America Army), near Gordonsville, Va., to his wife, Rebecca Louise Fitzhugh Walker Parker.

Item citation: From volume 2 in the Robert W. Parker Papers, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Near Gordensville (Orange Co. Va.)
April th 25 1862

My Dear Beck

I attempted to drop you a few lines yesterday but had no chance had to quit before I wrote a line I will drop you a short note to day any way I have no good news for you but that I am well and getting on as well as usual but have it seems to me more bad luck in other respects than any body. I will try and give you a few of the points we left oak shade in culpeper (co) th 20 for gordensville where we stayid for a day or two and then to this place six miles north of gordensville at a place called liberty mills where we camped as we went down in [servize] the bad luck is this the other day when our baggage was asined to gordens ville I was sent to load on the baggage which I did and then was ordered on with the regiment leaving the baggage in the care of others and as the road was bad the teams could not pull the load farther than orange (ch) where it was taken off the wagons and put on the cars I had a good many of my new clothes in wadie Burtons [townd] which was misplaced and cant be heard of since so I am a fraid I will lose them clear but hope I can make out with what I have as it hapened I got my valie which had two pairs of pants and a fatigue shirt in it, needle case and several other things which were all safe hope yet that I may get them yet but I must take all fair and say for but fear my chance is a bad one wish I could get some one to take my place til I could see you between the ages of 18 & 35 in service so they have not past any way I am a poor unlucy being in some respects. I have not enlisted yet But think of course I am in for the war I will try and be content and do my duty as a souldier for my beloved country my greatest wish and anxiety is to se my loved little family the theme of my earthly thoughts.

the regiment is being reorganized some four or five companies have elected officers some of the officers are reelected. our company has not reorganized yet but will in a few days. Capt Graves has reached us gave me 4 letters two from you one from Alic and ma. cousin John graves and the recruits have not reached us yet they are at gordensville Hughes came to camp yesterday evening said he saw little moman was a nice little fellow. Oh that I could see him if but for a moment. you wished to know if we had ever heard from Til Scot we have never heard a word from him. we started from gordons ville to reenforce general jacson but have stoped here for further orders. I think it is doubtful whether we go there or not reports are very conflicting. we get no news of interest now as we seldom get any papers. the captain Brought me the haversack and contense I am very thankful to you for it and am a thousand times obliged to your ma for the bread she sent I think more of it than any bread I have had  since in service because it came from her and the haversack never could have come in better time. I am very anxious to come home and bring the horse I have and get an other but fear there is no chance to do that. do not think I am disatisfied here I am doing well as thi Branch of service. and would have reenlisted had not been for the hope of getting home when my present term of service expires but there is no chance for that. I think by the help of god I can continue in service as well contented as many of them. I must close as some of them want their ration and as it may payel you to read what I have already written. please write soon and often give all the news, give my love to your Pa ma and family, also to Pa, ma, and family to Alic ginnie and family Tell Alic I will answer his letter soon and try and give him the news am sorry to learn he so much afflicted hope he will be better soon tell him to write often for I really think three letters a year is but few he has ten times the chance to write I have   farewell Dear Beck an little morman

my love to your little and my little family Duck please take care of little moman and have good examples set before him it does my heart good to learn he is such a good chil and hope he may be a comfort to you in my absence

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