10 June 1862: “…i Did not know whare you ware my Dear mis i that the few Lines may find you well…”

Item description: Letter, 10 June 1862, from William Henry Thurber, a slave owned by the DeRosset family of Wilmington, N.C.

Item citation: From the DeRosset Family Papers #214, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Wilmington nc June 10 1862

My Dear miss i rite you a few lines for to Let you know that i am not so well at the present i wod hav rite you A Letter Bee fore this time But i Did not know whare you ware my Dear mis i that the few Lines may find you well and in Joying good helf i hope the time wont Bee Long Bee fore wee may in or one Burth Rite home Wilmington for the Lord has prom mus to hare the pays of all hu will com to him A meake and Lore mine So if we put or trust in the Lord we shall Bee Lik mount zyon noen Bee re move for i Bee Leve that the Lord has taking our cos in his hand i can thank gord that i am yet A Live in Wilmington tel miss Cathy hoddy for mee at Beccer Send hir Love you she is Bin Sick for A few Days But is Better at ant Fuller send hir Love to you and mis Cate wont to see you very Bad in Deed. Dan nel Send his Love to you Oston Send his Love to you.  Jim frank wellington os Bon George send thar Love to you all well A Bout hom so far as i can tel at the present

Ples an ser my letter wrigh A way when you Rite Send you Letter in the Car Drossett and Broom X co

i hav not got time to Say en ney more now from you effection Servent William Henry Thurber

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