8 July 1862: “The remainder will march to the cannons mouth and Stab The yankee gunners to The heart Unawed by superior numbers or the display of burnished weppons and dazling unaforms”

Item description: Letter, 8 July 1862, from William C. McClellan of the 9th Alabama Infantry to his brother, Robert Anderson McClellan, in which he described the Seven Days Battle with McClellan’s forces near Richmond. He wrote of the heavy Confederate losses incurred in the course of driving McClellan down the James River.

Item citation: from folder 11 in the Buchanan and McClellan Family Papers, #1850, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item transcription:

Mr Wm Calvin, Sir read this if you choos, and please convey it to Bob or Fother,. The Boys are all very glad you have volenteered to convey letters to Their anccious parents, I send you a letter to Mr Phillip conveying the news of his Son Davids wound

please forward it to him

Write to me Soon

your friend

W. C. McClellan

Richmond July 8th 1862

Dear Bob

I seat myself after 8 days heard fighting to Write you a letter We have driven McClellan 17 miles from his fortifications on the Chickahominy down James River under cover of his gunboats Our forces have compleatly serwrounded him but he has a Strong position backed on two Sids  by his gun Boats had he had no gun Boats to fall back on we would have captured his intire army

Our loss is very heavy the enemy, a great deal heaveire our loss cant be less than 15 Thousand men the enemys 25 Thousand besids 10 Thousand prisoners We had 7 men killed dead in our comand 30 wounded, Capt_ Hobbs_ was wounded in The knee the first days fight. The following are the names of those killed on the field. T.C Roden _ John Morris _ John Mcdonald _ David Bridesfourth _ Sam Crews, Rudy Slone _ Mark Shelton,  Badly wounded David, Phillip _ Albert Brooks_ Jim Brackbean_ Asy, Moore_ Slightly A, Martin in leg, Bud Cartwright taken prisoner While Bravely chargeing a Batterrie in company With 3 others of our Reg

Our Brigade fought desperably on friday and Monday. Gen Longstreat said Wilcox had the best Brigade in in the confederate States, The 9 Ala has ben in 3 heard Battles each Time She has Taken a batterrie 2 weaks ago we 425 men now we have but one hundred able for duty, Gen Wilcox has put all of his Regiments together in one Regi they mace a very small one at that I have been in 3 Battles by the will of god I have come out alive having received but a Slight wound at Seven Pines, Nobly has Alabamians fought in thease last desisive Battles for Independence Many of her brave Sons have Sealed their devotion to their country by their hearts Blood, Many a Southern fireside has ben dessolated by the Caden mesenger of Northern cruelty and oppression, Although nearly half of them are layed in their Shallow graves on the Battle field, The remainder will march to the cannons mouth and Stab The yankee gunners to The heart Unawed by superior numbers or the display of burnished weppons and dazling unaforms the ragged Alabamians go studily on, they are invinsable. The By Her Side Stands Mississippi and Tennessee

Bob I have heard a great deal of the cruel oppression of the foe in old Limestone, I hope it is not as bad as represented Write and let me know I received a letter from John dated 15 June he has had a hard time of it

Your effectionate Brother

W. C. McClelan

9 Reg, Ala, Vol

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