10 August 1862: “Mr. Green has been in two battles lately, came out of both uninjured.”

Item description: Diary entry from Sarah Lois Wadley, dated 10 August 1862.

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Item citation: From the Sarah Lois Wadley Papers, #1258, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Sunday, Aug. 10th/62.

We are all getting better now, but many of us are far from well, Georgie has been complaining for several days. I took medicine and lay in bed Tuesday and was hardly able to sit up for several days after, I feel much better now. John is not at all well, and is very fretful.

Father left home Tuesday to be gone two weeks, but returned very unexpectedly last night, he went to Vicksburg and to Jackson, he looks much better than when he went.

Mr. Green has been in two battles lately, came out of both uninjured, Father saw it in the papers, I am so glad to hear it, but they are constantly skirmishing in Virginia and he may not be living now, a number of young men from Monroe were killed in the late Richmond battle. We hear of deaths et either from disease or the sword nearly every day; Mrs. Phillips and her daughter Mrs. Byrne spent the day here Friday. Mrs. Phillip’s brother was among the slain at Richmond. These things make me feel sad, sometimes my spirits fall dreadfully, but I try to battle against the ideas that creep unawares into my mind and I endeavour to free myself from the melancholy that takes hold upon me.

Mother and I called upon Mrs. Filhiol yesterday, she is a very pleasant lady, she reminds me so much of Aunt Lydia, her manners are so like Aunt Lydia’s, pleasant and easy; Mr. Filhiol too is a very agreeable gentleman, reminds me irresistably of Mr. Green, every motion every tone is so much like his.

Miss Scarborough came over to Mrs. Wilson’s last week, she and Miss Julia were here Friday.

The weather is warm yet, and dry, but not very dry. I received letters from Lois and Aunt Mary a week or two ago, Grandma Holton is at Uncle David’s she has been very sick but the country air was improving her. Lois is at Mr. Holgandorf’s still, says she is in excellent health.

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