15 September 1862: “the ronaways is plenty in this naber hood…”

Item description: Letter, 15 September 1862, from Milton McGahey to William A. Graham. It is believed that McGahey was acting as overseer for one of Graham’s plantations at the time of the letter. He reports on the condition of crops and mentions that a slave named Turner has apparently run away from the plantation, noting similar incidents in the area.

Item citation: From folder 200 in the William A. Graham Papers, #285, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Hendrson plantation Sept 15 /62

Deer Sir

I had neglecd to rite the firste of the month tho I had nothing of intrest. the wheate had turned out so Bad that I thote you probly wood Bee up About geting some seed wheat. the wheat only maid 52 Bushels and Aboute 20 Bushels of Ry. the oats I had got out 54 Bus. and have soone all the land that was in oats the laste year and have some seed left on hand to so on the poreste corne land when the corne comes of & the corne crop looks promison tho it has Bin very dry for some time & cotin is Boling well and seemes to Bee fool of Boles and is opening sum. the [?] of cows look very well since I gote them in the paster the hogs has improved very much from the [front?] and I will get those to fatin I will gete them up as soone as posable I have Bin saving foder fore the laste week and have gote one with it very well as fore the seader field I have not Broken any of it tho I will as soon as wee get raine it has Bin so dry that wee cold not Brake it up.

the wheate that wee have is not fit fore seed and I have hope you will Bee up in time to see about seed or send up some seed that is good. the Ry I have the people wants some for coffee and I wish you to rite whether I moste sell any or not and at what prise. I wil send your talow on tusday the 16 and will take the lard also I had forgoton to say to you that I had goton your leter on friday laste.

All well at presant. Sarah has had A child and is doing very well it is Aboy child.

turner he has ran of from the paterole on sunday was A week Ago with out any provacation.

I have thote all the paste week that hee wood come in tho has not as yet. Mr Wm Davidson has one out and Bevard davisos has one out als that the ronaways is plenty in this naber hood

you rote me to gete as much spining don as posible I have Apore chance for spining with only one pare of cards and [thea?] But sory

I need a pare or too of coton cards very much the salte is ner out and I have Bin as savin with it as posable

nothing more at presant yours very respectfooly

Milton Mcgahey

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