19 January 1863: “Jack and family I left at Mocksville Venus was not in a condition to be moved…”

Item description: Letter, 19 January 1863, from John A. Campbell to William S. Pettigrew. The letter details Campbell’s attempts to move and hire out Pettigrew’s slaves in and around Winston, North Carolina.

Item Citation: From folder 261 of the Pettigrew Family Papers #592, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

[January 19th, 1863]

Mr. Pettigrew

I will now inform you that I arrived home Sunday evening late I left Winston Thursday I left Charlott with Mrs. Miller at at the Hotel and [?] I sent her to Mr. Lotte’s and John to Mr. Atwoods to Remain ther until you Return to Winston Jack and family I left at Mocksville Venus was not in a condition to be moved Tom and Amy I hired out to a Mr. Bean for $100 in cash I could not git any corn of Dr. Sprouse Mr. Hall said that he would start out the same day that I left his house to ingage corn for you and avance the mony for you and hav the corn delivered at his own house I will go today with the Boyes to Foshee’ and load the Wagons and start them to Haywood you may expect me at your house Wednesday evening to commence hawling Thursday to Morrisville the mules rested yesterday and will tomorrow I think that will be rest enough for them I will tell you the ballance when I see you.

I am yours very respectifuly
John A. Campbell

It looks very much like snow this morning if it snows or rain much you need not look for me until the weather breaks

Yours &c.

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