30 January 1863: “much of the County on the opposite side of the sound from us, is now guarded and held by armed negroes…”

Item description: Letter, dated 30 January 1863, from D.G. Cowand to William S. Pettigrew.

Item citation: From the Pettigrew Family Papers #592Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Hd. Qrs. 32nd Reg. N.C.T.
Near Goldsboro N.C.
Jany. 30, 1863

My dear Sir,

Pardon me for troubling you again. It is too sad to think how our poor people in eastern Carolina are suffering. I see E. City & much of the County on the opposite side of the sound from us, is now guarded and held by armed negroes. Yes, I have seen a private letter from these which say all are at the mercy of two hundred armed negroes & that they are destroying & violating every thing. I see the [Corey?] Bill will not pass & I wish to ask if our worthy Gov. cannot persuade the [Government?] to do something for us there. If something is not done the County in possession of the enemy will all be guarded by Negroes & Buffaloes who are no better. I would make this sujestion that our Gov. should ask the Department to give him some good officer & five hundred picket men from the army or less will do & let the officer dispose of them in the lines of the enemy as Guerrillas, as he thinks best & go to work & kill every armed negro & Buffaloe in the County. Let them all be the best men  [& determined?] & make a simultaneous [move?] in all the counties & shoot every Buffaloe & armed Negro at once. Such a course as this will put a stop to them in our part of the state. I sujest this, so you can see what I am aiming at. I am willing to be one of those that will go. I assure you it is my [opinion?] this is the only way to get [along there?]. It will pay the Government. There are yet many Negroes that might be [impressed?] & also much stock grain.

Please think of this if you like the plan, make some such sujestion to our brave & much loved Governor. I know he will do all he can & I think he can get the Department to aid him. If not let him call for volunteers to do the work & he will soon get them.

Hoping soon to hear from you & thanking you for your many past favors.

I am yr true friend
D.G. Cowand

W.S. Pettigrew Esq.

I shall go up to Raleigh next week if I can get off & shall be glad to see you there. 

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