17 February 1863: “To arms, fellow citizens, come to share with us our dangers, our brilliant success, or our glorious death.”

Item Description: Letter, 17 February 1863, to the authorities and citizens of Savannah, GA, and Charleston, SC, warning of an impending attack on both cities, and Special Orders No. 44, issued to Brigadier General Thomas Lanier Clingman, advising his brigade to prepare themselves for battle.

Item Citation: From Folder 8 of the T.L. Clingman Papers #157,  Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Department So Ca, Ga, … Fla
Charleston SoCa
Feb 17th 1863

It has become my solemn duty to inform the authorities and citizens of Charleston and Savannah that the movement of the enemy’s fleet indicates an early land and naval attach on ours of both of these cities, and to urge that all persons unable to take an active part in the struggle shall retire.

It is hoped, however, that this temporary separation of some of you from your homes will be made without allarm or undue haste: this showing that the only [fueling?] which animates you, in this hour of supream trial, is the regret of being unable to participate in the defence of your homes, your alters, and the graves of your kindred.

Carolinians and Georgians: the hour is at hand to prove your devotion to your country’s cause. Let all able bodied men, from the seaboard to the mountains, rush to arms. Be not too exacting in choice of weapons- picks and scythes will do for exterminating your enemies spades and shovels for protecting your friends.

To arms, fellow citizens, come to share with us our dangers, our brilliant success, or our glorious death.

Signed G. T. Beauregard
General Commanding
Ino M Otey
A A Genl
W T Nance
A A Genl
J.D. Gist
A A Genl



Dept of S.C Gen …
Charleston Febry 17/63

Special Orders
No 44
x x x
VII- all furloughs to officers, Non Com. Officers and privates belonging to this Dept, not based on surgeons certificate are [waked?], and both officers and Soldiers will repair without delay to their respective Stations to be ready to meet the enemy. Patients & true Soldiers will not linger by the way side
VIII- All moveable troops that are not specilally assigned to garrisons of works or to heavy guns in position will be held ready to move in light marching order at short notice. Three days rations will be issued and held uncooked for emergencies.
IX- Brig Genl Ripley will detach an officiant field batty from his command and direct it to report to Brig Genl Walker at Pocotaligo as soon as practicable with the proper amount of ammunition for the field.

x x x

Department of Genl Beauregard

(Signed) Ino M Otey

B Burgh Smith
Maj Chf of Staff. 

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