1 April 1863: “…and there obtain from Lt. Col. Logan a sufficient force of negroes …”

Item description: Letter, 1 April 1863, concerning slaves who were being impresssed into Confederate service at Fort Beauregard, La.





































































Item citation: From folder 7 in the George William Logan Papers #1560, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Headquarters, District Western Louisiana

Alexandria April 1st 1863

Special Orders
No. 83

IV. Liet Manheimer Co. F. 1tth Battilion La Vols will proceed in charge of the Steamboat “Osceola” to Harrisonburg, and there obtain from Lt. Col. Logan a sufficient force of negroes to make an examination of a certain bed of coal located in Catahoula Parish near Mr. Holloman’s plantation. The Osceola will first discharge such freight as she may have for Fort De Russy.

Liet Manheimer is authorized to engage such barges as he can procure for the purpose of bringing out wood on his return trip. He will leave these barges at such points as wood can be obtained at and employ the necessary labour for loading them, and will take them in tow as he returned, leaving the wood in accordance with instructions received from the Qr. Master’s Dept.

V. Should the “Osceola” be found unfit for this service Lieut. Manheimer is further authorized to engage (or impress if necessary) such other boat as will answer the purpose.

By command of
Ma. Genl. Taylor
A. A. Genl

To Col. Logan

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