23 April 1863: “…yesterday I went down to the river and ketched some fish and I fride them for breakfast so I had good breakfast…”

Item Description: Letter, dated 23 April 1863, from Eldridge B. Platt to his sister Adelah E. Platt.

More about Eldridge B. Platt:
Eldridge B. Platt (b. 1847) enlisted as a drummer in the 2nd Connecticut Light Battery on 12 August 1862. By 11 November 1862, he was serving as a cannoneer. He was discharged 10 August 1865. After the Civil War, Platt became successful in the tool and die making business.

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Item Citation: Letter dated 23 April 1863 from Folder 3 in the Eldridge B. Platt Papers, #3767, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Wolfrun Shoals
April 23rd 1863

Dear Sister now I have got an opportunity I will write to you I got your leter Wednesday the 13th  I am very glad to hear from you George and I enjoy good health and I hope you are the same. I should answerd your leter before but I have so much detale duty to do I could not get a chance I hant got much news to write we dont have very much we have had orders to be ready to move at 24 hours notice but we have not got marching orders yet and I dont think we shall very soon we have got some good weather finly but it is showery to do it will bring out the flowers like everything the peachtrees are all in full bloom they are bout the earliest flowers they is here I have ben off to see if I could find any flowers to send to you but i could not find any of any amount they will be some I think in a few days you say you have grown poor I hope you ant much pooer now than you was when I left home you was poor enough then I am fraid you want to get rich to quick you wanted to know if I had grown poor. I dont think I dont think I am as fleshey as I was when I left home but I am fleshey enough now I have grown fleshey since George has ben cook I tell you he is a good one they could not put in a beter man in the batery. he says he likes it and they boys all like him we have plenty to eat and thats that is good for down here in the sunny south we had a beef stew for dinner and we are going to have aplesauce for super this morning I had some col boiled fresh beef and I took the spider and fride it and yesterday I went down to the river and ketched some fish and I fride them for breakfast so I had good breakfast yesterday we had some beef stake and boiled ptatoes and coffee so you see how we live I suppose Father has got his sears so they will walk over him by this time. do you have very many scholars now do you practice much on the dulcermar do you work in the same room as you did when I was there I cant think of any more to write this time pleas excuse bad writing and mistakes good bye for for this time
from your Brother
E B Platt

our tent


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