20 May 1863: “…was recovered against him by the Confederate States…”

Item Description: A legal document describing the seizure of assets belonging to Thomas J. Judkins of Warren County by the Confederate government.

More About This Item: The papers of Joseph Ramsey, a lawyer living in Rocky Mount, N.C., include documents relating to “the legal handling of intersectional debts and the sequestration of enemy alien assets by the Confederate government.” This document may be related to the Sequestration Act of 1861 which allowed, among other things, the confiscation of federal property as a source of revenue to fund the Confederate States’ war efforts.

Item Citation: From the Joseph Ramsey Papers, #2451Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

The President of the Confederate States of America: 

To Esley James Esq, Marshal of the District of North Carolina, Greeting:
We command you that of the Goods and Chattles, Lands and Tenaments of  
                               Thomas J. Judkins of Warren County
in the District aforesaid, you cause to be made the sum of
which in the District Court of the Confederate States, held at Halifax – on the 20 day of Maye 1863, was recovered against him by the Confederate States [?] by Edw G. Conigland Receiver and also the further   sum of 12.90/100 dollars of the said Court adjudged and taxed for Costs, whereof the same stands convicted as appears of second and have you the said moneys before the Judge of the said Court to be held for the District aforesaid on the 18 day of Nov”    next at Halifax –
Witness, How” Asa Biggs, Judge of said Court at Halifax
~ the 20 day of May 1863.
Issued the 2d day of Sept”      A.D. 1863.

Docket 10/- noting decree 2/-         1 20
Decree 4/- filings 5/-                         ” 90
Notices, 5/1, Seals [?]  4/-               ” 90
Copies of Petition (2)  5/-                 “50
Execution 10/- Seal 2/- Part. 2/-    1 40 $ 4.90
Jones, Dfsy. Marshal –  1 Service 2 00
120 miles                                          1 00       8 00

Mileage                                               50
Execution                                          2
Commission                                       50      8 00
                                                                       20 90 


No: 67.

Confederate States
Tho” J. Judkins of Warren Co.
           Fi Fa
To Fall Term 1863

Satisfied by payment of ? 90/100 Dollars and Eight Dollars Costs 
Wesley Jones Marsh
for Tho B Myers DpM

To hand 7 Sept 1863
Tho B Myers DM 

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