24 July 1863: “…Nat Went in to the Battle in Pennsylvania and he supposed he was killed he had not bin herd since…”

Item description: Letter, dated 24 July 1863, from Sally A. Bouldin to her “dear sister” Sally Hundley, reporting that her husband Nat was missing and presumed to have been killed during the Battle of Gettysburg.


Item citation: From folder 2 of the Hundley Family Papers, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Franklin Co Va July the 24th 1863

Dear sister I hope with the helpe of god I can write you A few lains which will inform you of my condishion my truble and affliction are very great oh Sally I have lost my all my Dear Husband is gone oh what shall I do I have lost the Dearest freind I had on earth I am left Aloane and my children Without A Father one of the men that was in Nat’s company rote to me that Nat Went in to the Battle in Pennsylvania and he supposed he was killed he had not bin herd since. I pray to god that he is better off than he was the way he had to go But oh Sally how can I give him up never to hear his loving voice nor to see his sweet face no more oh it looks like I cant live and if it is the will of god to take me I don’t no what I want to stay hear for when all my comfort are gone.  Mother and Father are as well as common though always complaining.  Tha wish very much to see you and your little children. Father sais his is A comin to see you if he lives some time next month if he can he and Mr. Callaway parted this morning but I recon we will stay hear un til fall.  Sally we are all very [uneasy?] About John we havent herd from him in A long time we havent had but one letter from Lucinda wince george was killed she was A living on Mr Rennalds land and said she did not thin her baby could live with the hoopin cough rite soon and let me hear from you all and if we meet on earth no more I hope we will meet in heven.  kiss all the children for me. I wish I could see you all.

Sally A. Bauldin

More about this item: Sally Bauldin’s husband Nat was not, in fact, killed at the Battle of Gettysburg.  His return home and details about the trauma he experienced are reported by Sally in a letter dated 4 April 1864.

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