28 July 1863: “Gov I want to ask of you to give me a place if in your power in my own state NC”

Item Description: Letter, 28 July 1863, from W. T. Dickinson to Governor Zebulon Vance requesting placement in North Carolina. Dickinson survived Gettysburg and was in Virginia when petitioning Governor Vance.

Item Citation: Folder 205, Zebulon Baird Vance Papers, #3952, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

To Do: Scan, decipher smudgey areas on letter 🙂

Item Transcription:

Camp Near Branly

Station VA July 28 1963

Gov Z.B. Vance

Dear Sir,

                                                                  Our troops ar arrived here a few days since from our trip to Pa much worn down with fatigue & conequent upon our long and muddy tromp for it rained nearly all the time while we were gone. I stood the trip very well as I had a horse to ride all the time. I could not of stood, what many of our poor fellows who took much less like standing hardships than myself did, we left many of our poor fellows killed and wounded at Gettisburg our Reg and especially our Brigade suffered severely – we passed here on our march with 3000 men we now have only 1000 (our Brigade) our company suffered severely lost killed II – wounded and missing. 20 our 3 Lieuts killed Sam Young. The 2 Burssing Ino and Wm killed on the field. Sam Young mortally wounded and since dead our Major Ef. Ross killed on the field our beloved Col. Seanenthorpe wounded and a prisoner our Brig Genl Pettigrew killed his AA Gene killed I cannot give you the account of our loss – our
Reg was 700 strong as we went on road from have only 302 men left here with us – we are resting for a few days. I do not know what will be our nest move we are in a bad condition the men loosing every thing they had except what they had on.

         Gov I want to ask of you to give me a place if in your power in my own state NC. I am competent to fill the position of ales, or a.gm. and can give the requisite Bond many less worthy than my self have got good place I can get a commission as such in my company but I am unable to march I have a spinal from which I suffer a good deal – I can give the best of listen? only from my Regt as to my attention to my duties and ? I can sustain my place as company Sgt with the increased of 20$ per month after the 31st of July when Capt Sunning leaves – Capt Sunning is anxious for me to get some nearer in NC and will do what he can for me is there no plan with R N Black ? position that I could get I would be so glad to be placed in a position where I could do as good service in NC or in the on active campaign where I could only in my 2 little children I love I hope you will  think of an ? my  claim and do for me what you can if I could get a ? of tax in kind I would ? my Sgt has a position of ? in NC in Sanders ? you will do for me what you can.
Your obt sevt
W T Dickinson

     Gov I have no ink or pen nothing but bout half and a short pencil.

Please write me direct to Richmond Blly?? and Brigade 11th NC T Haithe Division A Riffles corps


I have nothing now [rest illegible]


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