6 September 1863: “Aunt Judy is nearly eaten out of house & home.”

Item description: Letter, dated 6 September 1863, to William Nelson Pendleton from F. W. Page.  Page asks Pendleton to use his influence in the Confederate army to recommend him for a captain’s commission, citing food shortages on a relative’s farm as his need for work.  


Item citation: From folder 35A of the William Nelson Pendleton Papers #1466, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Hanovr Co Sept 6th 1863

Dear William,

I hear Captain Dean has sent in his resignation.  Will you use your influence with Col Nelson in my behalf. Aunt Judy is nearly eaten out of house & home.  She is killing her sheep calves & has no bacon & cannot buy for less than 2 1/2 $ per pound.  She has to buy Flour at 4 – $ per bbl & has made little or no wheat & will not make corn – enough to last 6 ms. the next year.  So you see she cannot afford to keep me & my family, unless I can get something to do.  Yours Truly,

Please answer.    F. W. Page

More about this item:  F. W. Page, the writer of this letter, may be a relative of Pendleton’s wife, Anzolette Elizabeth Page, while  the “Col. Nelson” referred to was likely a relative of Pendleton’s.

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One Response to 6 September 1863: “Aunt Judy is nearly eaten out of house & home.”

  1. Liz Bezera says:

    The flour is 4//$per barrel — barrel is abbreviated bbl. I think Aunt Judy is killing her sheep and calves, not her cows.

    Please, somebody else comment on this blog! I don’t want to be the only one!