10 September 1863: “Carrie is well, has never been sick, is a bright lively, intelligent little child, has four teeth, and begins to talk and walk.”

Item description: Letter, 10 September 1863, from Edmund Kirby Smith to his mother Frances Kirby Smith.

More about Edmund Kirby Smith:
Edmund Kirby-Smith (1824-1893) was a United States Army officer, Confederate Army general, president of the University of Nashville, and professor of mathematics at the University of the South. Kirby-Smith is also considered the last Confederate general to surrender at the close of the American Civil War.

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Item citation: From folder 35 of the Edmund Kirby-Smith Papers, #404Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Shreveport La
Sept 10th 1863

An opportunity offers my darling mother for sending you a few words assuring you of health. I have but a few moments, and doubt very much whether my note will ever reach you. Cassie is in Marshal, Texas some 40 miles west of this place, she occupies Gen. Wigfall’s house. I have just rec’d. a letter from her. Carrie is well, has never been sick, is a bright lively, intelligent little child, has four teeth, and begins to talk and walk. I need not tell you what treasures and comfort they both are to me, but for them I could never survive the cares, troubles, anxieties and responsibilities with which I am beset. I rec’d your letter written since your exodus from Augustine. I know what your feelings must be, but there will be a day of retribution, and when God in his mercy has scourged us sufficiently for our sins, he will reckon with our enemies and visit on their heads the cruelties and outrages they have perpetuated on us.

Cousin [?] is with me, he reports to General McGruder. I miss Clay very much but I have devoted friends around me. Cunningham is my aid. General Huger is with me at the head of the ordnance bureau. he sends many kind remembrances. An an order on the Ravenels for such money as you may wish to draw. I will not mind it now as this may not be a safe opportunity. An order on Mr. Booker Cassie’s step father, or on on my old friend Mr. McDaniel will be honored immediately. Cassie has money with Mr. Booker should you need it do not [hesitate?] to apply to him.

You will hear rumors & report of every description from their side, our affairs here look dark & gloomy, but do not believe the truth of what you hear. all will work out right in the end. a righteous and just [?] is in the hands of a holy Judge, who will ultimately crown it with success. I must close. Give my love to Auntie & Mr. P. I hope some day to repay them for their kindness to you. Give my love to [Kate? F?] & the children and may God bless & keep you in the hollow of his hand, prays your loving son.

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