12 September 1863: “Prospects are very gloomy for the Confederacy and the result of mismanagement.”

Item Description: Letter dated 12 September, 1863 to George Scarborough Barnsley, from his father Godfrey. The letter describes the deteriorating situation in the South. George Scarborough Barnsley of Woodlands Plantation, Cass County, Ga., and Sao Paulo, Brazil, was a Confederate soldier, hospital steward, medical student, and assistant surgeon in the 8th Georgia Regiment. George survived the war, and after emigrated to Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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Item Citation: Folder 9, George Scarborough Barnsley Papers #01521, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Woodlands, 12 Sept 1863

Dear George,

                 Your letter of the 4th was rec yesterday and the basket on Thursday – if you have done more than intimate? caution regarding Harper’s you will be called upon for testimony and have trouble

I fear there is little hope of the section being continued under C. Lreds and if a Lieut of Engineers can be relied upon who was surveying on Thursday the road this way to Major Bolley’s bridge from Bells Ferry our army may be falling back today to make the Chattahoochic the line  of defense – the artillery may pass by adairsville – infantry and cavalry this way – he advises Dr. Mayson to leave yesterday and expect he went last night – Mr. Prince goes today – Mr. Telford? on monday – my impression is that he was only examining the roads in case Bragg be defeated as I can hardly conceive this section will be given up without a battle – there was a fight of cavalry at alpinse? on wednesday and our four regiments were beaten by some 10 or 12,000 – the movements of our army are incomprehensible to me  – it has been rumored Longsheets corps was coming, but I fear there is no truth this East Tenn. mght have been saved by troops from Va before the enemy reached Knoxville . Had Johnston come the army would have had more confidence. Bragg is no match for Rosencrantz? in any case it is likely this place will be devastated and I don’t know whether it would be better for Julia to leave or stay. Mr. Howard’s famjily will leave as soon as they can get waggons in order. Lucien was in Rome yesterday and nobody he saw had any idea on armu would fall back without a fight. I will give Lucien some money so that in cases of need you can get it if Lucien cut off from ?  Prospects are very gloomy for the Confederacy and the result of mismanagement. the Presd. will have more important matters to attend to than your  ? and  knowing the state of things here will of course refuse.

Lucien will probably leave tomorrow or monday with Miss Rebecca. Alfred has left with his wife_have lost a large quantity of fodder and the same goes ripe. the mill not yet finished! it seems however as if these things would be of little importance. 

 Affy                G.B.

[Added note, unintelligble, but signed by Lucien]

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