22 October 1863: “…for consolation I can only give you your elder brother’s maxim of ‘Try somebody else.’”

Item Description:  Letter dated 22 October 1863, from Roulhac to Willie, recounting details of Willie’s failed attempt at elopement.  Roulhac also asks Willie to attend to “some business” regarding his boots.





Item Citation:  Letter dated 22 October 1863, found in folder 86 of the Ruffin, Roulhac, and Hamilton Family #643, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Weldon N.C.
Oct 22nd 1863

My dear Willie

At last my dear boy I find myself at leisure to write to you. I will not give you any excuse for not replying to your letter which I recd in Virginia because you know how busy I have been + then you know I have been home + seen you but still I felt myself bound to write to you for I could not let such a nice letter go by without a reply because I earnestly wished to be similarly entertained again + that my dear little blubber very often. I understand that you + Miss Carrie attempted an elopement the other night, your plan I heard was for Miss Carrie to let herself out of the window by a rope + meet you at the ground, all succeeded very well I understand that far but when she got to the ground her joy was so great that she fell into your open arms + screamed aloud for very joy which screaming awoke the ever faithful canine guard ..Miss Maria of the Factory + as you attempted to run out of the gate or as you were climbing the fence, Miss Maria caught you both by the coattails. I understand also that at the convocation of the Faculty of the Factory you were sentenced to be beaten with pillows for two hours + she to kiss you every five minutes during the operation.  Such an unsuccessful + unhappy termination de votre amour, grieved me exceedingly + for consolation I can only give you your elder brother’s maxim of “Try somebody else.”

I have some business Willie which I wish you would attend to for me, before I left Hillsboro I engaged Parks to make me a pr of boots which I wish you would see if he has done if not I wish you would gag him until he does + make him do them quick for I need them as soon as they are done. Write to me + let me know, if you have an opportunity, send them by individual, if not send them immediately by Express. Give my best love to all at home + to my Duck, kiss Sophie Manly for me + tell her I love her like hot cakes which are awful to behold. Give my love to the Floridan + tell every body to write to me. Tell John Song + Cunningham they both owe me a letter + I am looking for one daily.

Study hard + write often to your fond Brother


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