24 November 1863: “for horses will be horses next spring if we live to see the time”

Item Description:  Letter, 24 November 1863, in which Parker informs his parents that his horse was condemned by the Army, and asks them about the possibility of him buying another horse and keeping it with them during the winter. Parker served in the 2nd Virginia Cavalry of the Confederate States of America Army from the onset of the American Civil War, and attained the rank of 4th Sergeant. Robert was killed in action at Appomattox Courthouse, Va., on the morning of 9 April 1865, the same day that Robert E. Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia to the Union Army. Surviving him was his wife, Rebecca Louise Fitzhugh Walker Parker, and two sons.

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Item Citation: From Volume 4 of the Robert W. Parker Papers #5261, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina.

Item Transcription: 

Camp 2nd Va cavalry
Nov 24th 1863

Dear parents

I’ll try and drop you a fiew lines though have nothing fresh for you this leaves me in usual health. nothing new in camp one of my reasons for writing at this time is to know why some dont write to me I cant account for it unless it is you keep putting it of from time to time and thus neglect it for I have not received a line from you all since Gills came down and if I mistake not I have answered it long since I usto get one a week but now they are fiew and fair between I received a letter from the … of 18th a fiew days since which releaved my mind very much and was glad to hear they are getting on so well and hope if nothing hapens to see them before long Pa I want you if you can to have Nelly put by the time I get home I am sorry to inform you that jinnie has been condemed and I fear getting her home but will try and send her soon if I have any chance even before I have the chance to come she has some thing like distemper for near a month and is greatly reduced and getting but little to feed on but think we will get more as soon as the tax in kind begins to come in the board is getting very strict receiving horses Pa I want you to write me word what you think of my buying a young horse at a reduced price and keep him til next spring to ride for horses will be horses next spring if we live to see the time I am well aware that the expences wintering a horse would be quite heavy cost some $200 or three hundred dollars and say 300 or400 hundred to pay for one now would be quite heavy write me word what you and ma think of it I have not bought one but want your opinion I have not heard from uncle P for some time nor had the chance to send the letter to him except by male I must close write soon and often my love to you and all

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