11 December 1863: “… you can come on to join me if you still remain in the same mind and wish to come.”

Item description: Letter, dated 11 December 1863, from Bryan Grimes to his wife, Charlotte Emily Bryan Grimes in Raleigh , N.C.  In this letter, he urges her to take the opportunity to visit him at camp near Morton’s Ford, Virginia.  He advises her to pack lightly and dress warmly.

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Item citation: From folder 9 in the Bryan Grimes Papers, #292, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Morton’s Ford, Va

Dec 11 1863

My Dear Darling,

Although I wrote you yesterday having an opportunity to forward another letter by private means to day and knowing that it will be considerably expedited by so doing, I write again to day that you can come on to join me if you still remain in the same mind and wish to come.  you will not have a better opportunity than with Col. Cox who I [?] lines sometime about the 15th of the month, this is why I write again to day that you can embrace that opportunity.  write me immediately if you are coming and tell [illegible] Raleigh and if possible I will meet you at Orange Court House but if I should not Col. Cox. can devise some means of getting you to Mrs. Conways where I have enjoyed [illegible]

Unless the saddle which you mention in your letter is a “side saddle” you must not bring it, as I sent for it only for your convenience.

The [?] and other articles you may leave.  I have no use for them at present. [? ?] about bringing on anything besides your clothes, you will need nothing and no great abundance of fine dress of them.  Comfort and warmth are the two things you had best consider, for you many not expect much when [?] my darling I fear very much you will [?] or [?] dull times, that will put you towards the tent, but I hope you will be able to bear up under it, and keep bright.  [?] I have been [engaging?] this morning at your picture tis not half so fervent or faithful as the one that [my] memory presents to me.  There is something stiff and stuck up in it, which is not visible by me in the Original, besides it looks so cold and calculating to which you in the very manner.  Never mind the pictures.  I hope to give you a long, heartfelt embrace before the next fortnight has past.  Is Bettie well, I am always uneasy about my child.

Remember me to all opportunities and devotedly your husband – Bryan Grimes

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