27 December 1863: “So it seems we were driven to the bushes by a false alarm.”

Item Description: Diary entry, dated 27 December 1863, from the Samuel A. Agnew Diary.

[transcription available below image]


Item citation: From folder 9 of the Samuel A. Agnew Diary #923Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

December 27, 1863

A false alarm

        Sabbath. Rested tolerably last night. Up before light. The day throughout has been dark and threatening. Early this morning a mist or fog rendered the atmosphere smoky in appearance. Came over home and got breakfast. They had no aditional news. Went back to Camp taking provisions for those at Camp: also Vol. 1 of Calvin’s Institutes. Read the latter book and was particularly interested in the Chapt. on the particular providence of God.

        J. H. Martin came over to Camp and reported the news we have to be without foundation. Billy and Doe Burriss came from their father’s to Dr. Jessee McGee’s yesterday evening and say there are and have been no Yankees about Blackland and that none have crossed Twenty Mile. It seems that 4 of our cavalry crossed and a young Melton hearing them on the Cross Way thought they were Yankees and so reported. So it seems we were driven to the bushes by a false alarm. Came in by 12. Hear that the Yankees were in Baldwyn this morning: this too I think is false.

        Read Horne on the idolatry of the Jews this evening; very drowsy. Go over and spend the night. Tonight is blustry: we have had some considerable showers this evening.

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