4 February 1864: “And when he see our banner wave/ Remember him the more”

Item Description: Obituary written about Capt Simeon E. Hamilton. This obituary was written in Oroon Alston Hanner’s autograph album that he kept while in prison on Johnson Island. He was given this autograph album by a local women’s society. While in prison, he collected autographs of his fellow prisoners as well as copied down poems and other prose.


Item Citation: Folder 1, Oroon Alston Hanner album, #04853-z, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Transcription:


Died on the morning of the 4th of Feb 1864, in Prison Hospital Johnsons Island Ohio. Capt Simeon E. Hamilton. 2nd Choctaw Cavalry C.S.A. age 26 years. He was a true Confederate and well deserves to be remembered by his brother officers.


A stranger in a foreign land,

A prisoner of war.

Where Cries cold and chilling strand,

His feelings seems to man


He sickens, how his brain runs wild

He talks of Southern power

And sees his foes in ruin foiled

While Southern banners tower


He talks of Choctaw Laws and homes

And says none can for me

Again he thinks he’s free to roam

Where “Savage Indians” free


Poor Fellow? how the chilly cold

Of death is ? fast

He breathes. He groans but not a word

He’s gone, the struggle fast


Thus died a Choctaw true and brave

He suffered for the cause

He raised his arm to save the South,

Which will deserve applause


T’will be sad news to herald back

To where his father’s dwell.

That in a prison barrack

One of their children fell


We’ll drop a tear above his grave

And smoothe the still mound o’er

And when he see our banner wave

Remember him the more

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