19 March 1864: “I have never yet met any of the negro soldiers and hope I never may.”

Item Description:  Letter, dated 19 March 1864, written by James Augustus Graham. James Graham served in the 27th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, Confederate States of America and lived until 1908.

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Item Citation: From the James Augustus Graham Papers, #00283, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Camp 27th NC Inf’y
March 19th 1864

My Dear Mother,

I received Father’s letter by Tom Whitted four or five days ago, also the book and half soles for my boots for which I am very much obliged. I was sorry to learn from Father’s letter that you were not very well, and hope that you have entirely recovered your health by this time.

The box of shirts and socks sent by the Ladies Soldiers Aid Society of Hillsboro came after Maj. Webb had started home and I distributed them to the most needy in the Reg’t, as he requested me to attend to it if they came during his absence.

Furloughs in this army were stopped about a week ago as the Government needed all the transportation to bring up rations. I suppose that they will start again in a few days, but do not know; for the campaign may open at any time now. We have had pretty cold weather for a week past and there was a very slight fall of snow a day or two ago. It has been cloudy for a day or two and I expect we are going to have falling weather as it is pretty near time for the equinoctial storms.

I am glad to see that the exchange of prisoners has commenced again and hope it may continue, for if they should happen to catch me this summer I want to be exchanged as soon as possible, and would not like the idea of spending a year or two in some northern prison. 

I suppose that Johnny or Robert has given you a pretty full account of the engagement of Ransom’s Brigade with the Yankee negroes at Suffolk which was mentioned in the papers a few days ago. I have never yet met any of the negro soldiers and hope I never may.

Rev. Mr. Smith of Greensboro, who has been preaching for us for two or three weeks past, left last Monday.

I got a pr. of pants from the Q.M. a few days ago and will send one pr. of my blue pants home by the first opportunity.

I wish you would send me a pound or two of Candles by Maj. Webb. We have to give $1.50 to $2.00 for a single candle up here and very poor ones at that.

I must close. Love to all.
Write soon to 
Your affectionate Son
James A. Graham

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