9 April 1864: “My friends and every one intrusted in my election must work for me, & play “the agreeable”…

Item description: Letter, dated 9 April 1864, from Leonidas Polk to his wife, informing her that he has been nominated for election to the North Carolina state legislature.

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Item citation: From the Leonidas Polk Papers, #2965, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Camp 43d N.C.T.

April 9th 1864

My dear Wife,

As James Bullard starts home tomorrow morning I believe I will write you a note by him.  I wrote Father to-day and sent it by mail.  I sent you a message by him, & told him that a meeting would be held to nominate some one for the Legislature.  Well the meeting was held & your “old man” was almost unanimously nominated. I am now almost like “Major Louis” was in New York  when the woman gave him a baby to hold. I expect this will surprise many in Anson. Every one of the boys from my neighborhood stood up to me. Capt Beverly name was brought in but received such a small vote it was withdrawn. Also Major Jas. [Baggay?] & Col. Smith of the college but they were voted down immediately. I was sent for & made a speech. The boys are all for me here & if my friends at home will only work for me all will be well.  Of course what I tell you is confidential. You will see the proceedings in the Argus & Observer next week I hope. Tell S. Gillmon of it. My friends and every one intrusted in my election must work for me, & play “the agreeable” Hope to hear from you before long. Kiss our children for me, & God grant that I may be allowed to come back to you all.  I am in good health.Write Soon & often to your devoted husband


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