4 July 1864: “Your company with lady is requested at a celebration of the 4th of July, to be held in Fort Macon…”

Item Description: An invitation and order of exercises for the First Regiment North Carolina Union Volunteers’ Fourth of July celebration at Fort Macon, North Carolina. The pre-printed invitation is addressed to “Collector Hendricks…with lady.” The celebration included a “National Salute,” reading of the Declaration of Independence, music, prayer, orations, a concert, and fireworks.

Item Transcription:


Collector Hendricks, with Lady
Your Company is requested at a celebration of the 4th of July, to be held in Fort Macon, on
Monday, July 4, 1864,
by the 1st Reg. N.C. Union Volunteers

Capt. H. D. Clift
Lieut. J. B. Reed
Com. on Invitations

FORT MACON, N.C., JULY 4, 1864
Order of Exercises

Col. J. M. McChesney…Presiding Officer
Lt. Col. J. H. Strong…Marshal of the Day
I. National Salute at 12 PM
II. Assembly at 1 PM…By Drum Corps
III. Music…By Band
IV. Prayer…By Chaplain Mosmore
V. Music…By Band
VI. Reading of the Declaration of Independence, By Lt. E. H. Babbitt
VII. Music…By Band
VIII. Oration…By J. Crolley
IX. Music…By Quartetto Club
X. Oration…By J. C. Salter
XI. Music…By Band
XII. Dinner…At 4 1/2 o’clock, PM
XIII. Promenade Concert…By Band
XIV. Fire Works…At 8 1/2 o’clock, PM
XV. Supper…At 11 o’clock, PM

Item Citation: Independence. United States Army. 1st North Carolina Regiment. [n.p.], 1864. Cb970.742 N87u. North Carolina Collection, Wilson Special Collections Library.

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