10 August 1864: “Hoping that this application may receive your favorable consideration”

Item Description: Request by Lieutenant R. G. Smith to Major J. K. Gourdain asking that men confined in the Guard house with no pending charges be transferred to the 2nd Louisiana Battalion Heavy Artillery, Company B.




Item Citation: In Folder 31 of the George William Logan Papers, #1560, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Transcription:

Camp 2 La Battn Heavy Art.

Pineville Aug 10, 1864

To Major J. K. Gourdain

Major – I have learned that there are now confined in the Guard house, some 15 or 18 conscripts (detained merely as such and without any charges against them) and as yet unassigned to any command- and if not inconsistent with the regulations governing the disposition of this class of persons, I would respectfully ask that they be assigned to Co. B 2 La Batt. H. A.

Owing to the contiguity of the enemy to the district of country in which this Co. was raised, we have met with many obstacles and encountered numerous difficulties in its organization and discipline.  The continued intercourse and traffic of its citizens with the enemy have so demoralized and corrupted the people that many of our men have deserted to the enemy.  Of those that were left, many have been detained by the authorities and some transferred to their commands without any equipment to us in the of exchange, so that our company originally quite large, has been so curtailed in members, as seriously to impair its strength and efficiency.

Hoping that this application may receive your favorable consideration and believing your acquaintance in its request would prove beneficial to the service.

I have the honor to remain very respectfully your servant,

R. G. Smith Sr.

Comdg. Co. B


#4175 Hd Qrs Dist West La

Alex Aug 11th 1864

Approved. Maj Gourdain will turn over these men to Lieut Smith and notify the enrolling officer of the parish or parishes from which they came of the same.

By order of Maj Genl Walker

E Surget

A. A. Genl


#4175 Hd Qrs Dist West La

Alex Aug 11th 1864

Respectfully returned to be forwarded through the Battalion commander.

By order of Maj Genl Walker

E Surget

A. A. Genl


Hd Qrs 2nd La Batt H.A. Pineville La

Approved respectfully forwarded to Hd. 2nd DW La

G W Logan

Lt Col Comdg


Camp 2d La Batt H.A. Pineville Aug 11 1864

Lt. RG Smith

Comdg Co. B

Application for assignment of conscripts to Co. B


Office Pon Commandant

Alexandria Aug 11 1864

Respectfully referred to Major E Surget AAG Dis Wes Approved for consideration

J K Gourdain

Maj Comdg Dist

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