18 August 1864: “I am sorry you could not hear from your son”

Item Description: Letter dated 18 August 1864 from Susan Foster to Mrs. Joiner. She seeks to help Mrs. Joiner in obtaining additional information about her son after his injury. The post from August 2nd documents Susan Foster’s first letter to Mrs Joiner, informing her of her son’s injury.


Item Citation: Folder 17, Joyner Family Papers, #04428, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Transcription:

Louisburg Aug 18th 1864

Mrs Joiner

Dear Madam

I received your note yesterday asking me my Nephews address at this time I have no idea where he is but will send you the usual one which I presume he will get as they are always forwarded from Richmond I have not heard from him since I wrote you before I am sorry you could not hear from your son and hope he has gotten better and has been moved and soon be with you I have written to Iredell today asking him to inquire particular after him perhaps he has been carried to Winchester Sam Nuly of the same company has been taken there should I hear any thing from Iredell I will inform you of it with pleasure

with much respect I remain yours

Susan Foster

Care of Col 32 Reg

NC Corps

Company ?

Capt James J Foster

Rodeo Division

Euills Corps

Richmond Virginia

You can direct Lieut Edgar Ballard in the same way as they both belong to the same company.


S Foster

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