21 September 1864: “My sleeping quarters will not be quite as comfortable”

Item Description: James Gifford writes to his parents about his journey home to them in New Bedford, Massachusetts . He was a Naval officer stationed off the coast of North Carolina.


Citation: Folder 3, in the James Gifford Papers #4493-z, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Brooklyn Navy Yard

September 21, 1864

Dear Parents

I write you these four lines to let you know I am thus far on my journey. I arrived in Providence about 6 O’clock last evening and had to wait four hours before I could start again. We started at ten O’clock for New York and arrived here this morning at 5 1/2 O’clock. The Newborn sails tomorrow morning early and I suppose I shall be in Beaufort next Monday or Tuesday. My expenses thus far have been $11.00 and I think sixteen or seventeen dollars will take me through to Beaufort. I shall have a little change to look around some today. My sleeping quarters will not be quite as comfortable as they were when I came home. I think I shall have to sleep in a hammock. The Navy Yard is full of vessels repairing. We have got a monitor along side. I think she must be a new one. I have seen on N.B. fellow since I have been here and that is William Kempton A.M. mate. I will be glad when I get clear from this damned old vessel. They don’t put themselves out any for the accommodations of others. I wish we were on our way now for the sooner I get out of this ship the better I will like it.

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