17 October 1864: “that appointment will hereafter be made by the war Dept. exclusively”

Item Description: A letter from the War department regarding who has the authority to appoint troops.

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Item Citation:Folder 18 in the T. L. Clingman Papers, #157, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Confederate States of America
War Department
Aajutant and Inspector Gnls. Office
Richmond, Va. Oct 17, 1864

You have doubtless been advised by endorsements from this office that the question at issue between the War Department and the Executive of North Carolina in reference to the right of appointment to office in certain Rgmts. of North Carolina Troops has been determined; and that appointment will hereafter be made by the war Dept. exclusively. There can be no objection of course to issue of commissions by the executive of North Carolina to such office as may be entitled to position by the laws of the Confederate States. Except that it may lend to prevent or delay the requisite transaction of business between their Regiments and this office. This objection however may readily be removed. It is impossible to give to this decision a retroactive effect instant at once disengaging every Regiment as to which the Executive of North Carolina has claimed the right to make appointments.

The War Department is therefore forced to ? the existing organization by recognizing the officers who have here to for received appointments, so far as to permit them to continue in position, draw pay + C.

The Secretary of War desires that you will take such measures as will into the exception here in made guarantee to such of those Regiments as may be in general(?) Command an organziation strictly conformable to confederate laws.

Very respectfully,
Your able Svt.
(Signed) S. Cooper
Aajt. + Insp. Genl.

W. H. Taylor

IL Cross

Col. McKethan
Cmdg Clingman’s ?


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