12 November 1864: “The Yankees is not doing at Plymouth as yet only taking Brandy and getting drunk”

Item Description: Letter written by John Blekepon to William S. Pettigrew in response to Pettigrew’s letter on November 5th.  In the letter he discusses sending Pettigrew’s belongings, Union activity in Plymouth, NC, and Pettigrew’s personal health.



Item Citation: Folder 270 in the Pettigrew Family Papers, #592, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Transcription:

Tarboro Novr 12/64

Dear sir,

Yours of the 5th inst. has just come to hand the contents carfuly notise and will be attended to.  I hath sent off your watch money and papers to day Col Dowd hath taken them up ther was $636 40/100 the papers were all seald up securly and directed to J B Shepard.  Mr. Cate will take up the remainder in a few days all will be attended to you did not name the song in your letter therefor I did not send it.  Pleas say in your next what disposition I shole make of it.

The Yankees is not doing at Plymouth as yet only taking Brandy and getting drunk as our people did it so said that they are bursting some of the guns and the others they are coming off.

Ther was two letters come to the office before I received your direction and I directed them to the care of the Rev. Mr. Watson should ther come any others they will be directed as you say in your letter.  You did not say a word about you health or your frend Jane.  I fear you are not making out as well as you aught as you say nothin about your fare should you be taken sick so that you think you would nead assistance I use drop me a line and I will come on fourth with I hath Last heard from all of my Boys they are all getting along quite well.  James has the ?, Major Collins offered him all desire to be remembered.  Andrew sends with me his best wishes.

Your frend,

Jn Blekepon

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