15 November 1864: “I do not take that lively interest in writing that I used to”

Item Description: Diary entry dated 15 November 1864, written by Sarah Lois Wadley. She writes about her social engagements and activities of the past week.


Item Citation: Folder 5, Sarah Lois Wadley Papers, #1258, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Transcription:

Tuesday, Nov. 15th. / 1864.

This is Georgie’s seventh birthday, how fast the children are growing up! it does not seem like seven years since we left Georgia, but it seems as if we had been here such a long time, our old home and all the associations of my childhood are like a dream. We have holiday today in Georgie’s honour, and I have been writing letters all the morning, it is a murky, chilly day, peculiarly suited to letter writing, but now that my correspondence is so irregular and uncertain, I do not take that lively interest in writing that I used to. We have had such delightful, clear, warm weather lately, so unlike November. I have spent almost every afternoon in my flower garden which is beginning to assume a somewhat orderly appearance. I was in the garden Saturday when I was delighted by a visit from Mary Stevens and Eliza Baker, we spent a very pleasant day, what made it doubly pleasant was that it was Father’s birthday and the anniversary of his and Mother’s wedding, they have been married twenty-four years. I like Miss Eliza Baker very much indeed, she is only sixteen and is quite girlish and unaffected. Miss Mary rode with them about a mile on their way home, and enjoyed it very much, as we also did the walk back in the clear quiet evening light. Father received a note from Willie, dated a week ago Sunday at Shreveport, he was quite well and had carried all the negroes that far quite safely. I received a letter from Grandma and Lois last week, it was written in July, they were quite well. Also received one from Julia Compton, she had been sick but was then better.

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