18 November 1864: “it is at work instilling poison in the minds of the people”

Item Description: A letter from Bryan Grimes to his wife. Bryan was an officer in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He was located in Virginia during the war, but was from North Carolina. In this letter, he mentions General Jubal Early, his wife’s upcoming trip to visit him, and the contents of the Raleigh Standard.


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Item Citation: Folder 11, in the Bryan Grimes Papers, #292, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

11th Out Rodes Division
Near New Market
Nov 18, 1864

My Dear Wife,

No letters from you last night. What can be the matter? I suppose though I will receive two to night which will ? me from my disappointment. From your last letter I infer your spirits must be depressed, which ought not to be the case, but always look on the bright side of every trouble. As soon as you are able you must accustom yourself to outdoor exercise, so that you will be able to start the trip to ? without injury to your health, for it will never do for you to join me here if by so doing you will risk anything, for my conscious would never forgive me if I were for my own selfish gratification to jeopardize your health. You seem to think it necessary in each letter to remind me that you are anxiously awaiting the time when you can come to the army, but your desire to be here cannot exceed mine to have you. For this is dearly an hour but what this thought is present to my mind and as the time draws near the desire increases. We hear nothing from Gen’l Early on the ? but if this weather should continue, it will be impossible to make any movement but by the time you have sufficiently recovered to come out we will know definitely where and what we intend doing for the winter.

I got hold of a Raleigh Standard this morning the first I have seen since being home, and find that it is at work instilling poison in the minds of the people and ought so be suppressed for ? ? ? should be done away with–Somehow now of my state papers ever, and can in ? ? in the dark about everything in the politics of the state.

There is nothing in the world have to write about that would afford you its ? interest So you must be satisfied with ? ? of me, ? ? for yourself, and its first start. I continue to enjoy good health. Remember me kindly to all.

Reverently Your Husband,
Bryan Grimes

I enclosed your ($100) one hundred dollars a few weeks ago. Have you received it? If you need money call upon brother for it, and let me know and I will write to him.

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