24 November 1864: “He would march with 60000 men prepared with (30) days rations and would forage on the country”

Item Description: Letter from James Harvey Joiner to Harry Jayner. He talks about the election results in the United States. He also discusses how Sherman is getting ready to march with 60,000 men on either Savannah or Charleston.


Item Citation: Folder 2 in the James Harvey Joiner Papers, #1602, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Transcription:

Near Oxford

Nov 24 64

Dear Jayner,

I have this moment seen a Yankee paper Louisville Journal of the 15 inst also Chattanooga Sheet of 16 inst. Thy are full of election news, grouping returns that will elect Lincoln by a majority of three or four hundred thousand. For the benefit of our military chiefs, I would state that the vote of the (14th) Corps ? all tied, 4949- Lincoln 4058 McClellan 894 of course if their full force voted, which is the case I am satisfied as the utmost extension were used to bring our well and sick, giving the the vote at anyvote as a vote of effective men. Then give Sherman five (5) such corps, he leave for Macon Ga with 24745 effective men.  The Louisville Journal states that as the movement of progressed to extens that ? to unnecessary. “It will state that it has been advised of the movement of Sherman for weeks but deemed it impossible to publish what I know. Sherman after leaving Gen. Thomas to hold a front against Hood and Forrest, has moved towards the Atlantic. He would march with 60000 men prepared with (30) days rations and would forage on the country, altho not anticipating to cross many streams. He was provided with pontoons, has plenty of ammunition and would strike for Savannah or Charleston. Which shant would make a rapid move on Wilmington. Thy deny that Atlanta has been destroyed but admit that the Rail Road to Chattanooga is torn up. They say the intentions of Hood is to capture Memphis and make a desperate effort to retake and hold the Mississippi River. Thy say that make their army in the field effective all furloughs and leaves of absence are being drawn in that is a shame showing weakness. Sherman’s nerve is a wrinkle, to get out, instead of ? the East Tennessee, he wriggle this Ga, he is neared us. (B)

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