5 December 1864: “Stuck on the Bar, was fired on, when the crew abandoned her.”

Item Description: The DeRosset family lived in Wilmington, NC during the Civil War and many of the family’s men were in the confederate army and navy. Much of the letters in the collection deal with the blockade, refugees, and the health of their slaves. This letter describes events around stolen mercantile goods, and the movements of naval ships.

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Citation: From Folder #63, in the DeRosset Family Papers #214, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Wilmington, N.C.
Dec. 5th, 1864

My Dear Love,

I wrote you a hurried note by Capt. Reid on Saturday, and sent papers by him and the “Wild Rover.” I only had time to mention the trunk being broken and robbed on board “The Wild Rover.” My loss was my ?, which were all taken. A little piece of the box cover being left to show they had been there. Of your things were taken 2 cases-2 lb. blk- 2 cases- 2 lbs white cosmetics 1 lb. small fountains 1/2 lb large bitts- 1 lb pieces worsted braid.

The ribbons are 1 bolt short, but the number of yards eight 126 3/4, are even in the number of bolts. In addition to the robbery the cheese for “paine” had rotted and the trunk was filled with vermin which “I am sick” soiling-more or less-nearly everything that could be injured by them. I shall however be able to sell the things that are left at a profit over all cost and as soon as I close out will remit you- in the meantime send ? as much worsted braid as you can. I can close out this small lot at retail for about 8 dolls. a piece- it is quite coarse – the best braid is selling at retail for $15 each. Gold is selling very high say 30 to 38 for one today. I shall of course sent you a draft if I can secure one. If you get a chance to send another trunk fill it with braid in prefence to everything else. No chances of over stocking the market, there is more here, and I will pay you better than anything you can send.

The “Ella” was lost Friday night 2nd inst. off Baldhead vessel Total loss part of the cargo will be saved. Mr. Mitchell in despair. “Carolina” is in at Georgetown S. C. “Falcon” came in last night. Petersburg started out Saturday night. Stuck on the Bar, was fired on, when the crew abandoned her, but were sent back, and on the next tide she was brought in. Neal went out on the “Old Dominion” he goes abroad to be educated. All well. Love to Nanie + baby.

Your sincerely,

Chase D. Myers

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