10 December 1864: “I dislike this arrangement for Sunday, but acquiesced as it seems necessary”

Item Description: A military communication regarding the movement of companies written from General William Nelson Pendleton, who served under Robert E. Lee and Joseph E. Johnson during the War, and was also an Episcopal clergyman.

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Item Citation: From Folder #42, in the William Nelson Pendleton Papers, #1466, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Hd. Qu. Arty. Corps. 
Dec. 10th 1864


It was expected this mg. when I was at Genl. Lee’s that Derment’s Arty. Compy. would be ready to move today to Drewry’s Bluff, and I am requested by the Genl. to communicate the fact to you that you might have a R. R. train ordered to take them, some 45 men, with baggage, to the station nearest Drewry’s. But before I could communicate with Col. Walker to this effect he had detached Capt. Deweit with a portion of his men to cooperate with General Gorden in his movement on our right today. So that the compy. cannot go till tomorrow. Col. Walker told me he would relieve Deweit + his men this evening so that they may return to their quarters + be ready to go tomorrow. I dislike this arrangement for Sunday, but acquiesced as it seems necessary. Please notify Col. Walker or his adjutant as what hour tomorrow the trains will be ready, + request him to notify Capt Deweit to be at Dudley’s Station as that time. One or Two o’clock may be best to give them time.


Lt. Col. Curley
Ch. A. W. A W. W. 

Respy. yours Leiut. W. N. Pendleton
Brig. Genl + Ct. of Arty.

[On back]

Respectfully returned. I right that I did not know this as the trains (passenger) hrs. Now waiting since 2 1/2 o’clock for this company.
This company can go by the morning trains at 6 A. M. or by the incoming train at 2.20 P.M. Please inform me by two O’clock tomorrow on which train they will go.

Gen. L. C(?) 

Dec. 10, ’64 

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