22 December 1864: “Father had been dreadfully harassed during the morning for his house”

Item Description: Entry dated 22 December 1864 from the journal of Fanny Cohen Taylor, describing Northern occupation of Savannah, Georgia. 


Item Citation: Folder 46, Volume 7, Phillips and Myers Family Papers, #00596Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Transcription:

December 22nd 1864

I had gone to bed sick last evening and this morning felt too badly to rise in time for breakfast but feeling better as the day advanced made my appearance at dinner. Father had been dreadfully harassed during the morning for his house and as a friend of ours Col Waddy had told us to apply to Capt Poe, Chief Engineer on Sherman’s Staff, if we required assistance knowing that he would aid us if in his power, he wrote a note to him asking him to come and see him- he not having yet come to town did not reply to it. I have never seen a man so annoyed and unnerved as Father is. At about four o’clock this afternoon Dr Ballinger one of our Confederate Surgeons who had been left in Charge of Hospital No 2 came to see us and that was the first pleasureable moment I had had since these Vandals entered our City. I had been so surrounded by blue Coats that the sight of our grey uniform made me happy for I felt that I had a friend near me, he however, only remained a short time and we then relapse into our usual state of mind, bordering on melancholy. Again we retired at eight o’clock actuated by several motives one of which was to save wood as the weather was unusually cold and the little that we had in the house was being constantly stolen by the Yankees At two o’clock today one of our house servants Henry left us being anxious to enlist in the Federal service. 

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