10 January 1865: “The Sanitary Condition of the Brigade is excellent, no disease prevailing”

Item Description: Brigade report of the First Tennessee Calvary dated 10 January 1865.


Item Citation: Folder 9, William Asbury Whitaker Papers, #3433, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Transcription:

Medical Headquarters, Tenn. Cav. Brigade

Johnsonville, S.C.

January 10, 1865

The Sanitary Condition of the Brigade is excellent, no disease prevailing

There are four Ambulances in the Brigades all of which are in good Condition.

The Brigade is Very imperfectly Supplied with “Medical Stores.

Names                       Rank              Regiment           Present     Absent     Remarks

David H. Dungan        Surgeon          1st Tenn. Cav.                    ii           Surgeon Dungan left the Command on the 6th Inst. for Augusta Ga. by Command of Col. Ashley. Approved at Corps HdQrts to procure Itch Medicines for the Brigade, as such articles Could Not be had from Purveyors


John Goodman            Asst Surg.       1st Tenn. Cav.    ii

William A. McCorkle    Surgeon          2nd Tenn. Cav.                    ii           Without leave Since August 24th 1864

Edward Chaffers         Asst Surg        2nd Tenn. Cav.    ii

Samuel H. Day           Surgeon          5th Tenn. Cav.    ii

James Wallace            Asst Surg.       5th Tenn. Cav.    ii

Joseph E. Dixon          Surgeon          9th Tenn. Batt.     ii


Five of the Medical Officers of the Brigade are present- two absent, whose absence is explained under head of “Remarks”

Very Respectfully

Jo. E. Dixon

Brigade Surg Tenn. Cav. Brigade

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