27 January 1865: “Sometimes I wish I would just get sick enough to get a furlough but it may be wicked for me to wish that”

Item Description: Letter dated 27 January 1865 from Lewis Warlick to Laura Cornelia McGimsey. Warlick was a Second Lieutenant in Company B, 11th Regiment N.C. Troops.


Item Citation: Folder 4, Cornelia McGimsey Papers, #02680-z, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Transcription:

Near Petersburg
Jan 27th 1865

My dear Corrie,

Knowing you are always anxious to hear from me I have concluded to pen you a few lines today although it is remarkably cold and has been for several days, it seems that we are not to have any more pleasant weather soon. I have been jamed close up in the chimney corner for 3 or 4 days and calculate to hold my position as long as I can until detailed to go on picket again or some other duty.

Galloway hasn’t made his appearance yet and from what I hear from the crowded state of the roads, I give him till the first of next week to arrive – hope how soon he may come as I think all probability he will bring me something good to eat. I went to Capt. Kerr Comdg. Regt. Last Monday and asked him if he would forward a furlough for me, he replied, no as Genl. MacRae had ordered him not to forward any more until those who were absent should report. I fear it will be some time before I will be able to get a furlough as nearly every officer in the regiment are waiting for the absentees to return so they can send up furloughs. I fear they will get in ahead of me, but I have studied out another plan, it is this. I’m going to Genl. MacRae and tell him I have some unsettled business at home that requires my immediate attention and I wish to have a furlough forwarded. It may be that he will forward mine instead of some others, if he should believe my statement. I do hope and trust that I will get home soon for I’m as anxious to see you. My health is improved but little since I last wrote – not sick enough for the surgeon to recommend me to the board for furlough and barely able to do duty.

Sometimes I wish I would just get sick enough to get a furlough but it may be wicked for me to wish that.

Everything is quiet – no news afloat except camp rumors of every kind. Write often to your devoted


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