4 February 1865: “I don’t see any prospect of me ever visiting N. C. while the war lasts unless I am fortunate enough to get wounded.”

Item Description: A letter from Daniel M. Willis, a friend and Civil War companion to George W. Lewis, about why Willis has stayed with his regiment. He expresses his desire to go home, and hopes that George can remember him to his family and friends.

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Item Citation: From Folder 1, in the George W. Lewis Papers #4354-z, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription: 

Near Aberdeen Miss. 

4th Feby 1865

Sergt. G. W. Lewis

Frances George, 

Your note dated 29th Jany. last has just been handed me. I am afraid my not will be too late for you. I am sadly disappointed in not getting to visit -N. C. myself. I have for a long time thought I would be sure to be furloughed, but the “war Dept”  refuses to disband any more troops but furloughing every 7th man belonging to the “Trans Miss. Dept”. My Command refused to draw for a long time but at last concluded to draw. I was unfortunate and drew a blank. My Regt. says they are going to Lxsx(?) on the “owl train.” I do not think they out to but if I was situated as the members of my command expected – I would go too – The 10th just is the time set to start. I shall remain with the command until they have them. I know not what to do. Oh how I wish I could go to N.C. with you I feel like I cannot remain away from N.C. much longer, George. 

You must be sure to **** **** the “old folks at home.” Tell them I am well and doing tolerably well. Anything in the way of clothing you can bring me would be very acceptable. If Mother has the goods by her for me, just bring it and I can have it made up. 

I want you to remember me to my relatives as well as all inquiring friends. Tell Father I am nearly dismantled and if he can share the money please to send me by you enough to by me a horse and you will trouble yourself to bring it to me I would feel myself under many obligations to you if you would bring it to me. 

Tell mother I don’t see any prospect of me ever visiting N. C. while the war lasts unless I am fortunate enough to get wounded & furloughed from the ?. Give my special regards to Miss Pat Lane and my love to Connie Sally may & Sister also. Remember me to the Missus Meadow. & miss Eliza when. I would also be pleased to have you remember me to the Misses Lawson and in fact all of my old friendly acquaintances. You must be sure to go see Father’s family. If you fail I never will forgive you. Bring me a letter “old apple or peach brandy” just to remind me of “Auld lang signe” I hope you will have a pleasant trip and enjoy yourself fondly. 

Your Friend, 

Daniel M. Willis

P.S. I am told we will be put in different divisions after this. You will be in Jack *** & Ross will command my Div. We are going down in front of Vicksburg

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