2 March 1865: “we are living on very simple fare and it is likely to become worse so”

Item Description: Letter written by Godfrey Barnsley to his son George.  He discusses food shortages in the area.  He writes that it is hard to cultivate crops because Union troops and marauders have been stealing all the horses and mules.


Item Citation: Folder 11, in the George Scarborough Barnsley Papers, #1521, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Transcription:

Woodlands 2nd March ’65

Dear George

I wrote by Mary I believe about six weeks ago- she started much against my wish for Savannah ostensibly to bring your sister away- nothing has been heard of her since she left.

Captn & Ws B the baby, Forrest and Georgiana came on the 14th ulto- the Captn is returning and will post this.

The marauders, calling themselves independent scouts, have not be annoying us recently but are in constant apprehension and in a couple of months look for US, cavalry raid or, as is now said, the reoccupation of the country by the troops- we are living on very simple fare and it is likely to become worse so- since Mrs Howard took her cow have had no milk- the Captn has engaged one for me above Calhoun but could not bring her across the river- Moses will start again tomorrow- it will not surprise me if he returns without her.

You are doubtless aware that I unfortunately invested all I had in C.S. bonds and am glad to learn you are likely to have a Profession as a resource.  Mr Howard is at home with Mrs H & two daughters- their woman servants all left and they cannot hire a servant and have been living on bread and water. Jeff is scouting- he wasnt home about 12 days ago. People can do very little in the way of cultivation as all the horses and mules nearly have been stolen either by the Yankees or scouts- so called. I hope to be furnished with corn in exch. for lead which an impressing officer came for, but it is not yet forthcoming & we are nearly out. 22 mouths to supply- after the Captn leaves- no rice or vegetables. There is a mail from Atlanta to Kingston twice a week but have recd no letters from you since early in May. The Captn has a 60 day furlough from 31st Jan & intended going to Va had the way been clear. Have just heard that Charleston and Columbia have been evacuated. The latest newspaper I have seen is one of 16th Febr.

Yr affc father

G Barnsley

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