14 March 1865: “I think I shall like the army first rate.”

Item Description: Letter dated 14 March 1865 from Edmund Jones, Jr. to his father Edmund Jones. He had recently joined the army after studying at Bingham Academy. After the war, he would go on to study at the University of North Carolina and the University of Virginia. In later years, he farmed at Clover Hill, practiced law in Lenoir, and served in the N.C. legislature.


Item Citation: Folder 12, Edmund Walter Jones Papers, #3543, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

March 14th Camp of 3rd N.C.
Calvary Near Dinwiddie CH

Dear father,

We moved up here about a week ago from our old camp at Stoney Creek. We & the fifth Regiment are on picket now. The third is on reserve. We had a grand alarm Sunday morning early. They blowed us up an hour before day & had us in line of battle. The entire army of infantry, artillery & cavalry were in line. It proved to be the enemy sending some troops back to City Point to supply the place of some out from there to reinforce Scofield in NC. I have seen several men from Petersburg who say that our hope there are fairing [?] & have stopped deserting which I think is probable true for I know that we are fairing very well. We get a third of a pound of meat a day & one pound of flour & sometimes one and a half. The men too are all well clothed. I have not seen a man barefoot since I came out. They all have good shoes.

I like my company & officers as well as any I could have. Captain Perkins is a splendid old fellow & Lieut Bennet is well as the rest of our Lieuts is a nice fellow. The general impression is that we will have pretty hot work here soon as the roads get good enough.

Have the Bushwackers committed any more depredations lately up there? I feel very anxious about you all up there. I do hope the quiet happy Valley will not be disturbed by them. Are they making any headway stopping them? You must keep me posted on the news there & I will do so far as is in my power to do the same here.

In your next letter please send me a few envelopes & some stamps as I have neither & the first chance you get send me some hard soap & a couple of cotton shirts. I forgot to mention in my last letter that Mr. Fries made me a present of a hat. I could not help my self so I had to take it & I still have that five dollars in specie.

I think I shall like the army first rate. The regiment is filling up rapidly now. I think in two months it will number 800. My paper is out so I must stop. My love to all in the Valley. Direct to E. Jones Co F, 3rd NC Cavalry Barringer’s Brig, W.H.F. Lee’s Div, Army Northern Va.

Your aff son

E. Jones

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