16 March 1865: “There is now no prospect of any fighting in my command”

Item Description: A letter from E.P. Alexander to his wife describing a social call made to nearby family, which was motivated by his missing his family. He discusses how he feels his command has been well protected.


18650316_01 18650316_02Item Citation: From Folder 22a, in the Edward Porter Alexander Papers, #7, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription: 

Camp Lance Place
March 16th 1865

I wrote to U yesterday my dear Sharon of my joys + sorrows, but I know it wouldn’t on that account forbid my Writing to U again today, when I tell you that my thoughts have been peculiarly busy with you today. I went over this morning to see Nimmer(?) but he had gone to town, much to my regret, for I felt as if a sight + a talk with her about you would do me good, so I then went over to see Mrs. Noolfolk + spent an hour with her + Mrs. Nannie. They are all well + sent u much love, + Kind to all the little crowd. They talked a great deal about you + little Ben + the twins which I was much disposed to encourage. I alwasy kiss the whole family now when I meet them. wh. however I know you will pardon, when I tell U how it happened. Mrs. Noolfolk + Mrs. Nmson(?) first offered to kiss me, + having always offered now to kiss them for fear they may think it was an imposition when they kissed me. But it still looked awkward to leve Mrs. Nannie out, + moreover after having kissed the sisters I felt the need of a change of such oscillatory diet to something fresher. Don’t U ever tell any them this. 

If however U don’t consider my explanation entirely satisfactory, please say so for there are few things which I would give up with less sacrifice than kissing even Mrs. Nanny.

I have had no letter from U later than that of the 23rd ? tho I have just received a note from Hilly saying that he had heard up to the 5th just(?) + that U were all well. I am very glad to hear even that much for I feel that you are now so liable to be depressed + feeling badly that I never feel entirely (?) about you. You need feel no uneasiness about me now for I am not only in perfect health + comfort, but I believe there is now no prospect of any fighting in my command, + if there is any at all it can only be from behind our break works wh.; afford ample security + protection. So be of good cheer, my Dear Partner, for Providence is yet dealing with us in the greatest kindness + mercy, + we of all world can trust to Him. I feel the separation from you in your troubles very deeply- more than I have ever done, but I take great comfort in one thing- the remembrance that nothing- life nor death- can ever rob us of each other love. I know how U love me, + that thought alone is happiness. There is no news at all the lines being quiet everywhere. Yesterday Charlie to town + Sallie sent us by him some nice loaf bread a pound of butter + some molasses to make a monkey pudding of. Unfortunately the molasses bottle broke on the journey here but the bread + butter helped our fare so much  that we didn’t grumble about the M.L. 

My love to all + kisses to the “family” it is pitch dark + I am writing out doors to be able to C at all + as a rain incoming must quit. May God ever bless + keep you all my loved ones + soon restore us to each other. Ever prays your loving Husband.

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