18 March 1865: “I will be 27 years old, almost four years older than when you last saw me.”

Item Description: In a letter dated 18 March 1865, Felix Buchanan rights home and discusses the scarcity of mail, that his age was 27, that he had been wounded three times since last writing home, and that he had not been home for four years.

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Item Citation: From Folder 14, in the Buchanan and McClellan Family Papers #1850, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription: 

1st Tenn. Rgt. March 18, 1865

Dear Father and Mother, 

My last news from home dates back to last November and was a letter from Mary, since then I have heard nothing direct or reliable, Since July 63 I have received two Flag of Truce letters only from you. I have been oppressed with anxiety about you all at home, but in the absence of all news to contrary I hope you all are doing well. I can not tell how anxious I am to see you all, but have no hopes of being able to do so soon. In the meantime, I shall try to lead such a life discharging my duties to the best of my abilities that our meeting may be th[faded] & pleasant when it does take place. On the 25th day of this month which will have been passed when this reaches you, if it even does, I will be 27 years old, almost four years older than when you last saw me but not much altered in looks and none in feelings, for I feel just as young and gay today, as I did when I left home. I am blessed with remarkably good health; have not been sick a day since I last wrote you near two years ago, I have been wounded three times since then in both legs and in the face. The two former flesh wounds, the latter entering the mouth and knocking out several teeth. But I am now perfectly well and were it not for the scars would not know that I had ever been hurt. All of your acquaintances here are well. Write to me if possible. Much love to Mother and yourself Lizz. Will Margaret & Family. Alf. sends love to such of his folks as are left and wishes to be reassured to you all. Your Son. Felix G. Buchanan. 


Andrew Buchanan
Fayetteville, Tennessee

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