19 March 1865: “The services of the named telegraph operators are needed”

Item Description: A letter requesting more telegraph operators from the army. This is an official paper of the Confederate Army.

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Item Citation: From Unit 9,  in the Confederate Papers #172, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Item Transcription:

Raleigh N.C. March 19th 1865

Col. Otey,

                       The Services of the following named Telegraph Operators are needed in the Department. Please cause an order to be issued to and for them. Similar to special field orders No. 17. March (11th) Sixteenth. 

                         Private Sixteenth           Cathcart
                           ”             ”                 Morgan
                           ”             ”                 Pegues
                           ”             ”                 Ferrell
                           ”             ”                 Girens
                           ”             ”                 Lobby 
                           ”             ”                 Moddard


R. B. Bullock 

Superintendent So. Ex. Company



So. Exp. Co. 
Telgraph Dept 
Raleigh, N.C. 19 March

RB Bullock

Requests the detach of certain Telopperar-

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