27 March 1865: “I guess all the girls is going to get married but the ones that I would be glad to hear of their finding some fellow that would suit better than I do.”

Item Description: Letter dated 27 March 1865 from Charles Milton Hopper to his family back home. Hopper served in the 70th Ohio Regiment of the United States Army.


Item Citation: Folder 1, Charles Milton Hopper Papers, #3584, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Goldsboro, N.C.

Monday, March 27th

Dear folks at home, – I will try once more in my way to write you a short letter. Yesterday was Sunday and I received a letter from home which had left you all well and in good spirits, which I was very glad to hear as I had not heard from you since in January. but since that time I have had the best of health that I ever enjoyed. I have enjoyed the hardships of the last campaign for we have lived on the best that the South could afford. Our meat was mostly ham. Our bread stuff was flour & meal that we have had all the time. Also plenty of chickens & turkeys, geese and ducks, for our extra who would not be a soldier and put down this cruel war. We have had plenty to eat but otherwise we have had hard fighting & hard marching, — through rain & mud and swamps to beat all. Well I have passed through all this safe and feel better than ever I have felt since I have been in the service. Today we draw full rations of Northern grub, crackers, beans, coffee, sugar, salt, rice & meats. Coffee has run very scarce with us. I have been making coffee out of burnt meal. A poor substitute. Now I am going to have a cup of good coffee. Something else now. The letters I got was mailed at Gerves on the 14th & 27th of Feb. I suppose you have written before & since them dates. On the 12th of this month I sent you a few lines written with a lead pencil as we had a chance as there was a boat come up the river to Fayetteville where we crossed the river. We only laid there 2 days and since we have been marching. You appear to think that I have not written as often as I could as ? had gotten more letters than you had from me. I have written as often as I had any opportunity to do so. We have had no chance to write since we left Beaufort until the note I spoke of at Fayetteville and the present time. I shall try to write you often for I am anxious to hear the news. You wrote as if you had plenty to tell me. Be sure and post one for it has been a long time since I have heard the latest news. Tell Pa he can surely take time to write me one letter while I am laying in camp. This time I think we shall rest and recruit up,- one month any how and then we will start for Richmond and end the war. Mother I guess all the girls is going to get married but the ones that I would be glad to hear of their finding some fellow that would suit better than I do. That would be a great relief to me. Perhaps they may get before I get home. Mother you must tell me what a good time you had at the goose supper. I suppose Geroe will be posted as his folks East are not slow on the talk. I guess he will not hear all. Hope not. You said something about a letter. You must give me more about it. So Pa is just making it pay nicely. Is he glad to hear it? Well I suppose you are thinking about farming by this time. I should like to hear something in regard to who is doing your work and who is going to work for Pa. I suppose Tom is living with you yet What has become of Len & his family? Is he putting on York style yet or has his money failed him? Who is working for Geroe? Young Aaron? Uncle Morris? Where is Sime & Kit? Tell Kate she must surely write me a letter. I cannot think of half that I want to write for it has been so long since I have wrote any. I am going to eat dinner and clean the parade ground and then I will try to write some more. Had dinner & cleaned off the grounds, so I thought I would write a little more. But I have to go on picket. So you will have to excuse me. Hoping to hear from you soon I will close. I hope this will find you well and in good health. You can direct to Goldsboro, N.C. I am ever

C.M. Hopper

To all- Father- Mother & Sister, – Good Bye.

Answer soon

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