7 April 1865: “The evacuation of Richmond Petersburg on Sunday last was a hard blow to our cause but I am not discouraged God will yet save us from our Enemies”

Item Description: A letter from a concerned father in Greensboro to his daughter in Chapel Hill who is staying with her Aunt and Uncle. He fears that if Raleigh falls, Chapel Hill will become violent, and is expresses concern that she has not recieved his last letter. He hopes to arrive in Chapel Hill soon in order to escort her back to Greensboro before anything happens in Chapel Hill. He describes recent events’  effects on the Confederate Cause and North Carolina.

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Item Citation: From Folder 9, in the Peter Mallett Papers, #480, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Greensboro, Apl 7/65

My darling daughter

I am this morning in receipt of your precious letter of the 5 + deeply regret to learn you have received no letter. I had written several but not as often as I would if certain you would get them. I had determined last week to send for you + write to Eddi Hardin at Chapel Hill (or with Furlough) to go immediately down with Nellie the ? but I learned from Mama yesterday before receiving my letter he took your Uncle Fudge down to the ” Gorges ?  Co.” ? to return Thursday, so I have concluded to return to Chapel Hill tonight and start him off for you as soon as possible.  You shall or must come home my dear child for we are as crazzy to see you as you are to come.  Your Grandpa, + and other friends advise me to let you remain un til matters are a little more settled but I cannot face the idea of expectation any longer–have determined that if the Yankees go to Chapel Hill after you get there to keep you with me here and wherein I am ordered they shall not lay eyes on you again if I can help it. I will get a tent for you when obliged to take the Field. Be patient then my dear child little while longer. I am doing all I can to get you home with Mama. I know you are as well cared for by your Uncle and aunt as possible under the circumstances but as you say its not home where you should be now. The saddest loss of your dear Uncle has been a great blow to me is dear. I was proud of him, loved him dearly – have never been so depressed in my life. Dear Boy, he died in a noble cause defending his Country just as I wish to when necessary.

The evacuation of Richmond Petersburg on Sunday last was a hard blow to our cause but I am not discouraged God will yet save us from our Enemies if we are but true to ourselves. Mrs. J(?) + Cabes? never at ? .   Genl Lee when last heard from at Amelia’s Court House. Gnl Johnston still at Smithfield. It is supposed that Raleigh will soon be given up. If so Chapel Hill will be in danger of frequent raids, at least or it may be advisable for you to remain a little while longer. Oh it is difficult to know what is best to do. I will write you again from Chapel Hill when I will return Sunday with Mama + the Boys or return for Monday. This will be my Hd. qrs. until driven away by the Yankees. I am in receipt today of a long letter from dear John- poor fellow he misses his Uncle Ed. so much tell Bro (your Uncle) his situation is still very uncertain + I have written a priority letter to my Friend Genl Hoke to make a place for him. The Genl has on several occasions spoken of John to me in very high ter + I know will take care of him. Tell your Uncle the uncertainty of mail communication alone has prevented my writing- will now write him after. Give bushels of love to all keeping a large share for yourself. I hope it will not be long now before you will be seated on Papa’s knee, fondly petted as he love to do. God bless you my perfect daughter be patient or He will ere long I trust grant our fervent prayers.  Your devoted Papa.


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