16 April 1865: “…we got the news of Lee’s capture you had aught to have seen the excitement…”

Item Description: Letter dated 16 April 1865 from I. Shoger to his wife. A Union soldier stationed in Raleigh, North Carolina, Shoger writes to his wife about the excitement surrounding Lee’s surrender.


Item Citation: Folder 49, Federal Soldiers Letters, #3185, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Transcription:

Raleigh April 16th N.C./65

Dear wife

When I wrote you last I told you we were agoing some where we mached the next morning for Raleigh 50 miles it took us these days we went through Smithfield wich is a very fine city at this place we got the news of Lees capture you had aught to have seen the excitement. the dispatch was sedd by Genl Sherman in front of the Court house. our band was at the head of the collume we played all the National ? the soldiers threu up thare hats and chreed with all thair might. they got a negro on a blanket and threu  him ten feet. we then marched for Raleigh. this also a very fine city. all the force we have to contend with now is Johnson comand wich left the city as we entered it beiyn surrenderd by the mayor and counsil. negotions are now going on while I am writing for the surrender of his command (Johnson). this will close up the whole concern: what we shall do next I do not know but until then I remain yours as ever form the beginning to the end

yours I. Shoger


we expect to have a mail to day

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